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Enhance Your Experience: Technology at the Mavericks vs Clippers

As a fan of the Mavs, I often have to watch them on television or the internet, since I live in Los Angeles. Now, when the Mavericks come to town, whether the Clipper or Laker games, I have to let go of the blogs, and online scores for the day, buy overpriced food, and watch my Mavs win or lose.

Now, with my smartphone, it is possible to keep talking with the Mavs Moneyball community. If you told me 5 years ago, or even 3 years ago, that I will be able to talk to my fellow bloggers via phone live, I would of thought you were crazy. Now, the tech companies keep on releasing better and better phones, and this lets the sports fan keep up with his community, whether it be at the game, at work, or when the computer crashes.

Fans at the game may wonder why you seem so attentive to your phone as much as your team. This is like another family, you say, and with these phones nowadays, I am not going to miss taking part of it.