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Despite Win Streak, Dallas Mavericks Looking to Rebound

Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle has one way to look at being unable to finish a defensive possession  by giving up offensive rebounds, "Demoralizing."  Going back to media day, the belief was that this team could be an elite team in terms of rebounds with their overall size. 

As we start to transition into the "second quarter" of the season, where do the Mavericks stand in terms of rebounding and what do the Mavericks see in regards to their rebounding efforts?  To look at the present, we should compare it to the past.  Here are the rebounding numbers for the Mavericks during Carlisle's coaching tenure.








Defensive Rebounds/game average (ranking): 31.6/game (5th)

Offensive Rebounds/game average (ranking): 11.1/game (14th)

Offensive Rebounds allowed/game average (ranking): 10.8/game (14th)

Overall Average/game (ranking): 42.7/game (5th)

Rebound Differential (ranking): +1.3 (8th)



Defensive Rebounds/game average (ranking): 31.5/game (10th)

Offensive Rebounds/game average (ranking): 10.2/game (24th)

Offensive Rebounds allowed/game average (ranking): 11.2/game (21st)

Overall Average/game (ranking): 41.7/game (18th)

Rebound Differential (ranking): -1.2 (24th)


2010-2011, currently

Defensive Rebounds/game average (ranking): 32.9/game (2nd)

Offensive Rebounds/game average (ranking): 9.5/game (26th)

Offensive Rebounds allowed/game average (ranking): 11.1/game (19th)

Overall Average/game (ranking): 42.2/game (9th)

Rebound Differential (ranking): +1.1 (13th)



Basically, some things are looking good and other parts still have room for improvement.  Mainly, that room for improvement comes on avoiding those demoralizing moments.  It's been mentioned on multiple occasions, this team is tough on the defensive end, it could be a truly elite defensive team when it takes away second-chance opportunities. It looks like there are two key areas the Mavericks need to firm up in order to get those numbers up.

The head coach recognizes positives, but still wants to centralize on the opportunities.  "We've made progress in the last two weeks," said Carlisle.  "But for example (against New Jersey), there were seven or eight instances where we touch-fouled them to either put them at the free throw line or give them and-one opportunities and there were two times where we took fouls that were playoff style hard fouls that you have to take.  That's a lack of concentration and we weren't in position and so we've got to get that remedied."

You can tell that the overall intensity on defense is stronger for the Mavericks.  Now, they just need to focus on staying in position and stay locked in for the full 48 minutes.

"I think for us to be a great overall defensive team and rebounding team, it's going to take five of us" said Tyson Chandler.  "(When looking at film) a couple of times, we've been watching it's been three attacking the board, four guys attacking the board.  When we're hitting our peak and when we're going to be playing our best basketball, then you're going to be seeing five guys in tuned at all times, on the offensive end and the defensive end."

Despite an 11-game winning streak, the Mavericks are hard at work, understanding there is still room to grow and that is a promising sign.  It's also promising to have things to work on as you're 18-4, instead of 4-18.  The Mavericks have not reached their peak yet and the challenge will continue on Saturday night against the Utah Jazz.