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After The Fact: Jason Terry And The Mavericks Quiet The Jazz, Win 103-97

What we have here is your classic case of a second half meltdown. The Mavericks had one of the fanciest first quarters we've seen in a while, and they were able to maintain a double-digit lead for the majority of the game.

Somewhere in the fourth quarter (I swear it wasn't my fault...) they started slacking on defense, and fouling on made shots and giving the Jazz chance after chance to close the gap. They got close, and then they tied. Thankfully, they couldn't quite pull ahead. But the Jazz have been doing that all year- they've had 8 double-digit comebacks so far this season. 

Then, right around the 4 minute mark in the fourth quarter, the Mavericks remembered they were playing a basketball game, and Jason Terry in particular started making shots to keep Dallas up until the last moment. His last shot, an unbelievable three-pointer with 7.6 seconds to play, stuck a dagger in the heart of the Jazz. Dirk Nowitzki hit some clutch free throws (thank goodness) and the Mavs made some key stops on the defensive end to close out the game with their 12th win in a row.

The Dallas Mavericks are now 6-1 on Seats for Soldiers Nights... while we wait for BG's full recap, you may discuss this nail biter below.