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After the Fact: Mavericks 12 game win streak snapped.

Overall a terrible performance by the Mavericks, who saw the Bucks snap their 12 game win streak at home, on an embarrassing night.

More (quick) details after the jump.

The 1st quarter saw Dirk start off a shocking 20% (1-5) from the floor before hitting his last 3 in a row before most of the 1st unit came out. Marion hit 2/2 shots off the bench, including a go-ahead jumper with 1.9 to go to give the Mavs a 25-15 advantage going into the 2nd quarter. Bucks held to 7/21 shooting in the 1st.

In the 2nd quarter, behind Marion, Nowitzki, and good defense, the Mavericks started to pull away, reaching a 20 point lead at the 5 minute mark(42-22). The quarter of bliss quickly ended with a 11-0 run by the Bucks, before Barea stopped the bleeding with a pair of free throws. Keyon Dooling nailed a 3 pointer at the end of the half, but the Mavericks still took a 52-43 lead into the locker room.

Notable 1st half statistics:

Nowitzki: 15 points (7-15 shooting).
Marion: 8 points(4/5 shooting).
Kidd: 6 points(2/2 shooting), 6 rebounds, 7 assists.
Team Stat of the Half: 1/8(12.5%) 3 point shooting.

Andrew Bogut: 12 points (6/7 shooting), 7 rebounds.
Keyon Dooling: 8 points(2/2 3 point shooting)
Team Stat of the Half: 18/42(42.8%) shooting.

The 2nd half started with some dismay for the Mavericks,  as strong play from Jennings and Douglas-Roberts brought the Bucks within 1, and a bucket by Ilyasova gave Milwaukee their first lead at the 6 minute mark. A dumb shooting foul followed by a technical foul(both by Dirk) gave the Bucks 3 free points at the end of the quarter, as the Bucks snatched a 75-74 going lead into the 4th quarter.

To open the 4th quarter, Marion and Dirk combined to score 10 quick points to pull the Maverick offense out of the dumpster. The game stalled for a few minutes before the Bucks busted it wide open. A mid-quarter run capped by a 3 pointer by Ilyasova put the Milwaukee Bucks up 97-88.Nowitzki missed a game-tying shot with seconds to go, and 2 free throws iced the game.

End Result: Bucks win 103-99.

Overall, a shabby performance by Dallas. Not only did our defense crumble after a strong start, but we saw a 20 point lead vanish en route to a painful loss. Hopefully this bad performance will help Dallas "Snap out of it." A painful night, one marked by lack of defense, missed free throws, and the shabby performance by our posts.

Notable Statistics:

Nowitzki: 30 points(12/24 shooting), 7 rebounds, 3 turnovers.
Terry: 31 minutes, 3/8 shooting, 3 turnovers.
Team Stat of the Night: 5/20 3 point shooting.

Bogut: 21 points(10/12 shooting) 14 rebounds
Jennings: 23 points(9/19 shooting), 10 assists, 5 rebounds.
Ilyasova: 12 points (5/11 shooting), +20 when on court.
Team Stat of the Night: 14/20 3 point shooting, 28 points, 32 points, 28 points (respectively) in the final 3 quarters.