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Game Thread: Mavericks (21-5) @ Heat (21-8)

Who: The Miami Heat host the Dallas Mavericks

What: The Mavericks meet the scorching Heat for the last time in the regular season.

Where: American Airlines Arena, Miami, FL

When: 6:30pm CST


The Story: The Dallas Mavericks beat the Miami Heat on November 27th and since then, the Heat have not lost a game and are currently on a 12-game winning streak. On Monday night, Dallas will have their chance to bookend the Miami win streak as they take their talents to South Beach. The Heat have been on a tear and they look like the team everyone imagined they would be. "Over the last three weeks, not only have they been unbeatable, they've almost been untouchable," said Carlisle. "They're winning by ridiculous, unprecedented margins on a consistent basis. It's a terrific challenge."

Links after the jump, and stop by Peninsula is Mightier for Heat coverage.

Mavs Moneyball Preview

Inside Report: Mavericks-Heat preview -- Sizzling Showdown

The last time the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Heat saw each other both teams were still trying to find themselves. A lot has changed for the positive for both teams since, but Monday night something’s got to give. And with two of the hottest squads in the NBA colliding on the same floor, there figures to be scorching play at Miami's American Airlines Arena. Preview

Last the Dallas Mavericks saw of the Super Friends, they were gripped by an evil spell that if not solved soon threatened to destroy the greatest free-agent alliance in history. Preview

The star-laden Miami Heat appeared to be a team in turmoil following a loss to the Dallas Mavericks last month that dropped them to 9-8.