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Happy Holidays To All

The staff here at Mavs Moneyball would like to wish everyone a great and safe holiday season, hopefully with very full stomachs...not to mention the presents. The Mavericks do not play today, a fact that I'm sure they are very happy for, but there are five NBA games on today, several of them which look to be great games.

The Chicago Bulls plays the New York Knicks at 11 AM (CST) on ESPN.

Boston and Orlando square off at 1:30, and the most hyped game of the year starts off at 4. Need I bother tell you who's playing? Both games are on ABC.

At 7, Denver and Oklahoma City play, and at 9:30 the Warriors and Trail Blazers kick off. ESPN will be airing both of these.

Feel free to stop by and comment on these games...unless that new Christmas sweater from Mom is so awesome you can't put it down. Wait, what? You got an iPad. Well...might as well put MMB on your favorites sooner rather than later!

One more time, with feeling: Have a great holiday, y'all.