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Monday Morning Roundup

Dallas Mavericks need to rediscover defensive presence | DMN
"We can't be adrenaline junkies and take it down to the last possession every night," coach Rick Carlisle said. "We should be a better basketball team than that. If this is continuing to happen, maybe we aren't. "The tough-mindedness we exhibited the first portion of the season, I happen to believe is still there. I don't believe it was fool's gold. We put the work in during training camp. The team was energized by defense. Repeatedly, on nights we weren't shooting it well, we were hanging around and finding ways to win."

Monday Mavs Donuts: Avoiding A Trade Strikeout |
among the reasons the Mavs will spend the next two weeks closely analyzing Howard�s trade value is because he has some trade value. Barea will be evaluated the same way. So will Gooden. Their talents AND their contracts will cause their inclusion in discussions. Very real discussions.

The Come Up: Of Trade Deadlines and Hard Caps... | Jeff Wade - ESPNDallas
So if the trade deadline comes and goes without a major deal for the Mavs, remember this while you’re sharpening your sticks to storm the castle. The guy you do get when you make your major move better be the one to put you over the top. Because if he ain’t, you’re probably going to be stuck with him -- stuck between a rock and a hard cap.