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Tuesday Morning Roundup

New Mavericks want to bring 'edge, nastiness' to win West | Eddie Sefko - DMN
"It's a great compliment, but at the end of the day, I got to go out and compete and prove it," Haywood said. In Haywood, the Mavericks are getting a beefy center who is having his best season, averaging 9.8 points and 10.3 rebounds. On paper, he is exactly what the Mavericks need as a tandem with Erick Dampier. "I don't think there's any question that Damp's health situation influenced the importance of Haywood being in this deal," Carlisle said. "We think Haywood is a quality center. And good centers in this league are not easy to find. Age 30 for centers is relatively young." Mavs look drastically different after break
The Mavericks will have to assimilate the newcomers without a practice. The three could only watch Monday's workout because of a paperwork delay, coach Rick Carlisle said. Assuming the all-clear comes Tuesday morning, the former Wizards will go through a shootaround and then straight into their first game with Dallas at Oklahoma City.

Caron Butler impressed with 'big brother' Jason Terry's unselfishness | DMN
Said Terry: "It [the trade] is going to be great for this organization, I'm the guy who takes sacrifice. We want him out there starting, where he's comfortable. And see how it works. If it works out, cool. I can come off the bench. "I've proved it. And I'm ready to do it."

Mavs To Start Caron Over Jet. But What About The 'Other' To-Be-Supplanted Starter? |
"I played some 2-guard for a while earlier this year in Washington," said Butler, who might end up as a small forward on the defensive end, with Shawn Marion serving as the do-it-all perimeter defensive ace. "I'm looking forward to that challenge, and I'm looking forward to this new system and this situation to do some good things." But it also makes sense on a camaraderie level. "(Jet) has always been like a big brother to me ever since ... I came into the NBA," Butler said. "That (volunteer benching) meant a lot. He told me that if I need anything, he's got me. He's just making the transition real smooth for me to come in here and try to be as effective as I can immediately."

Dallas Basketball - Newcomers At Mavs Practice: Your All-Access Pass
As Beaubois went around the arc for his series of 10 shots, other assistants chided him. "This is where it gets tough," somebody said. "This is where he falls apart!" somebody added. Beaubois coolly ignored them and continued near-perfection. He did miss one final 3, though. ... and when the ball caromed back to him, he soccer-style punted it (Dirk-style!) the length of the floor. Yes, he's competitive.

Dallas Basketball - Tuesday Mavs Donuts: Josh Howard's Last Supper
Brendan Haywood has been putting up nice numbers in a not-nice situation. ... which is a tease to what he might do in a nice situation. Those numbers, from mavstats: We know how he's hovering around 10 points and 10 rebounds a game. But he's also one of just three NBA players averaging at least 10 rebounds and two blocks per game. The exclusive company includes Dwight Howard and Andrew Bogut.

Mavericks could be biggest lineup in NBA | Sefko - DMN
One thing for sure, the Mavericks now are one of the biggest teams in the league with perhaps two 7-footers in the lineup with Dirk Nowitzki and Brendan Haywood. And Erick Dampier isn't far from 7-foot, either. Then their three "small'' guys in the lineup would be 6-7 Shawn Marion, 6-7 Butler and 6-4 Jason Kidd.

Mavs might not be done dealing | Tim MacMahon - ESPN Dallas
Dallas would like to use its $2.4 million trade exception created in a deal with the New Jersey Nets to add a nice young player to its bench. The Mavs are searching for scenarios where two teams want to make a deal but need a third party to help facilitate it, although it appears more likely that the Mavs will use that trade exception this summer. The Mavs' moves might not be done after the trade deadline, either. They have two open roster spots. If they aren't filled via trade, Cuban said the plan is wait and see whether the Mavs can land a quality veteran who is released or bought out of his contract.