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The Morning Roundup

Revamped Mavs will be a work in progress | Sefko - DMN
While the debut lacked pretty much anything positive in terms of production and results, the play of Caron Butler and Brendan Haywood wasn't a disaster. "It's going to work," Jason Kidd said. "We didn't have a chance to get these guys any practice time, but you could see things out there. The future is going to be very, very positive."

Time isn't on Mavericks' side after big trade | Tim Cowlishaw - ESPNDallas
It would be crazy to make any emphatic pronouncements about a major trade after one game. Had Butler been perfect from the field, it would be just as foolish to say the Mavericks are Finals-bound as it is to assume his 4-for-16 night is a sign of horrible things to come. The Mavericks were truly awful on offense after halftime Tuesday, and it was a team effort – or lack thereof. Dallas scored a season-low 11 points in the third quarter, just 32 in the last 24 minutes.

New-look Mavericks no match for rolling Thunder, 99-86 | Sefko - DMN
Indeed, the Mavericks got as close as 92-84 with more than three minutes to go, but missed four shots when they could have closed the gap. "We just didn't play any defense in that second quarter, and then we came out of halftime and scored 11," Jason Kidd said. "We started pressing and tried to do it individually to stop the bleeding, and it just didn't work out. We were settling for jump shots in the third."

Mavs can't win without ball movement | Tim MacMahon - ESPN Dallas
"Our game is not to pound it," Dirk Nowitzki said. "Our game is to keep moving the ball and find the open guy. We’ve got to stick more to that. When the game gets more in the grind-out mode, we’ve still got to have some movement and create some shots for each other."

Eric Dampier out indefinitely | Kurt Helin - ProBasketballTalk - NBC Sports
With just under three minutes remaining in the Mavericks' loss to the Thunder Tuesday, Erick Dampier went up to try and block a Russell Westbrook layup. In the process Dampier's finger suffered a severe dislocation (the bone ripped through the skin and he bled, a lot). Dampier was taken to an area hospital, where surgery was performed to repair his hand.

OKC 99, Mavs 86: Dallas Crashes After Sugar Buzz | Mike Fisher -
Eddie Najera -- part of a surprisingly expanded rotation �being freed to shoot a corner 3 to end the first period. It was pretty much an airball, but that's not The Moment. The Moment was Dirk exploding off the bench in congratulations for "El Rayo" taking the shot. That's how fun it was: The UberMan happily hugged Eddie after an airball.
Dallas has the option of waiting through Damp's injury for his return, or waiting through the spring to sign a released veteran (anybody from Kurt Thomas to Drew Gooden), or trying to swing a minor trade (minor, as in "cheap and stopgap") right now, or phoning Arizona and asking Jake Voskuhl to come take up a roster spot. But this is Haywood's deal now ... as it was going to be eventually, anyway ... and there is simply no room for him to not 'get it done" on a regular basis.

Donuts: The Mavs' OKC Loss - Through Kidd's Eyes | Mike Fisher -

Adrian Wojnarowski
Drew Gooden is likely to negotiate a buyout with the Wizards, sources tells Y! Sports. Bucks, Bobcats, Nugs and return to Mavs all possible.