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Tuesday Morning Roundup

Dirk, Jet battle for the blame | ESPNDallas
"The other day against Portland, at least I had my chances in the fourth," said Nowitzki, referring to a misses he had in the final seconds of regulation and last minute of overtime in the loss to the Trail Blazers. "I probably should have won the game myself. At least I got the ball in the fourth. "The last two road games, it didn’t happen, but I take it all on me always. I’ve got to be aggressive. If I don’t get the ball, just run to it and make something happen."

Dirk Nowitzki: 'You got to be worried' after latest Mavericks loss | DMN
It's the first time all season they have dropped three consecutive. "You got to be worried," said Dirk Nowitzki, who had 28 points, but who didn't get a shot in the fourth period. "We haven't really played well for a month, and lost some games we should have won. But you can't hang your head. You got to keep working and stay positive and stay together. We are a veteran team and we need to respond."

Jazz 104, Mavs 92: Down The Rabbit Hole (And Into The Toilet?) |
In between -- nine minutes and two seconds -- here's what the Mavs were able to accomplish: *Two Jason Kidd turnovers, two Jason Kidd turnovers, two J.J. Barea turnovers and a Drew Gooden turnovers. Seven turnovers in nine minutes! ""I think we threw the ball all over the gym," Dirk said. *Missed free throws by Kidd and Jason Terry. *Two blocked-shot victimizations. *A 25-10 scoring deficit. *Just 10 shots attempts

Beaubois day-to-day with bruised back | ESPNDallas
Coach Rick Carlisle said Beaubois might have been able to return in the first half, but the rookie's back stiffened up during halftime. He'll spend Tuesday getting treatment in Dallas. "Hopefully by Wednesday, he’ll be OK," Carlisle said.

Jeff Wade
First three-game losing streak of the season...but more concerned about 11-11 since that great OKC win back in mid-December