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Tuesday Morning Roundup

Haywood continues to anchor middle for Mavericks | DMN
"I'm happy we won playing [poorly]," Carlisle said. "This was not winning, playoff basketball. And the last three games, we've had ourselves playing at that level. "We played a sloppy game. Our ball movement wasn't crisp. We settled for shots that weren't the best, and defensively we had too many breakdowns. We're going to have to get a lot better."

Donuts: Mavs' Win Over Indy Is 'Happy' And 'Crappy' |
"We don't want to overrate a win over Indiana without Granger," said Dirk Nowitzki. "He's their go-to guy, and we definitely got lucky he wasn't here." So true. By the fourth quarter, Dallas got its lead to 90-68. And throughout the game, Granger's absence created a trickle-down effect that permitted Dallas to win match-up after match-up all over the floor.

Kidd's rest is the story | Tim MacMahon ESPN Dallas
Beaubois' development is a long-term issue. Managing Kidd's minutes is a more pressing concern at the moment, especially with the 36-year-old playing 40-plus minutes the previous three games. Kidd has logged more minutes this season than any other point guard in the league. "It helps tremendously," Carlisle said. "Jason has really been willing our team to some of these victories. He just has driven himself hard. He’s driving our team hard. Every minute he plays, he’s playing at a higher octane than most guys." Every minute Kidd rests might pay dividends down the stretch this season.

Roddy Beaubois gets off Mavericks' bench, but what about Eduardo Najera? | DMNews
Najera needed now: When Eduardo Najera didn't play for a couple weeks after being acquired in a trade from New Jersey, it was fair to wonder if he was going to be able to contribute this season. After working to get himself in better shape, there's no longer a question. It's still clear Najera has something left in the tank. Plus, he's got another advantage. "He's the tallest guy on the bench," Carlisle said. "The second-tallest guy on our bench is Matt Carroll."

Mavs will work out Wafer again | Tim MacMahon - ESPN Dallas
Wafer left Greece to re-sign with the Rockets earlier this season but he failed a physical because of a bulging disk. "He can shoot it. We know that, and he’s athletic," president of basketball operations Donnie Nelson said. "When he’s healthy, he can defend. His athleticism is the thing that kind of separates him, but we want to see where he’s at physically and have a chance to work him out one more time."

Mark Cuban: Playoff games at Cowboys Stadium can woo free agents | DMN
Are you monitoring a guy in Cleveland (LeBron James) right now on Twitter? He's not a twitter guy. But I will say this. Over All-Star break one of the nice things of having the All-Star Game here is being able to say, 'Hi, how are you? Saying, where else are you going to play for 108,000 people? ... There was a group of them there, and I said, "Wouldn't it be nice to have a Finals game at Cowboys Stadium?"