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Sunday Morning Roundup

Mavericks' win streak ends with a dud, 128-94 loss to Knicks | Sefko - DMN
"Players in this league have a lot of pride," said Dirk Nowitzki, who had 20 points and 12 rebounds. "They remembered that game. "We haven't played that well the last two games. We snuck one out against New Jersey and then this happened. Sometimes, a loss like this can help. It brings everybody back to earth a little."

Knicks' Harrington: 'Revenge is sweet' | ESPN Dallas
"Revenge is sweet sometimes," said Al Harrington, one of four Knicks who scored at least 20 points. "That’s a really good team over there, but we just caught them at the right time. They were ripe for the picking. "When you’ve had that much success, and you know the Knicks are coming in and you feel you can score a 150 points on them in your sleep, that team didn’t show up today."

Mavs loss not shocking - and here's why | Sefko - DMN
They played eight of the 13 games at American Airlines Center, which had been extremely Mav-friendly since the All-Star break. More telling is the victims in the streak had a combined 383-468 record. That's the definition of underwhelming.

Mavs Follow 50-Point Over Knicks With This? That Never Happens! (Does It?) |
It does seem outrageous, doesn’t it? A Mavs team that in its last meeting with the Knicks won by 50 follows it up with Saturday’s 128-94 loss at home to end an NBA-season-best 13-game success streak? This sort of thing has never happened before! Except … yes, it has. In fact, this sort of thing happens EVERY TIME a team beats another team by 50.

Mavericks' Jet not cleared for takeoff, but he's on runway | Sefko - DMN
"I'm looking at [playing] next week. We got two games and one of those two, I'll definitely be ready to go." The Mavericks play Chicago on Wednesday and Boston on Saturday. Terry wore a protective mask during his first practice back and has a custom mask on the way.