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Take Me To Your Leader

The Mavericks fought hard for their 50th victory this season, putting them in the company of just three other teams to win 50+ games for 10 or more consecutive seasons. The Lakers, Celtics and Spurs have all managed this feat. This is most impressive, considering that the team was pretty pathetic prior to the decade-long streak starting. While we certainly have owner Mark Cuban to thank for this miraculous turnaround, praise is also due to the man who has led the team on the court, Dirk Nowitzki. While we here at Mavs Moneyball worship Dirk more than may be healthy, we all feel completely justified in our adoration. And when a statistic such as the one I'm about to share with you surfaces, well it only adds fuel to our passionate fire. According to's David Lord, Dirk had his own incredible part in this special team milestone. With this victory, Dirk became the only player in NBA history to lead his team in scoring all 10 years of the consecutive 50+ win seasons. How's THAT for leadership?