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A Quick Survey, If You Will

Hello Gents (and Ladies, of course). I wanted to set up a specific forum where we could respectfully make suggestions for the direction we want this blog to go. We've already been over the cursing thing- game threads are where we can let our passions run wild and drop a few f-bombs. Otherwise, keep it classy. Speaking of classy, why on EARTH have the last few threads taken such a negative turn by the end?? Because fans from other sites come over and pick fights? Maybe. Either way, I'd like to think we're not going off and doing the same thing, because nobody likes a hypocrite. So please (continue to) keep the trolling to an absolute minimum. 

That being said, feel free to use the comment space below to suggest articles or posts you'd like to see on a regular basis, as well as any ideas you may have regarding other content.

And of course, don't forget to watch Mavericks/Clippers tonight at 9:30CT/10:30ET!! (FSNSW for those of you lucky enough to be in Dallas, NBA TV for those of us who aren't.)