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Tonight's Gonna Be a Good Night...

I got a feeling you all hate that song as much as I do, but I couldn't resist :)

It's Wednesday and that means humping Game 2 is here! With Game 1 in the books and comfortably in the win column for the Mavericks, it's time to see if the Spurs have made their so-called "adjustments" for the second game. After Dirk scored 36 on them, I'm sure Pop is going to make some kind of defensive changes (maybe like putting Bonner out of his misery). Any predictions for tonight? Scores? Line-up changes? Will Jet get himself going tonight and score more than 5 points? Will we see Roddy B? So many questions, so little time.

Don't forget, it's a later game tonight. 8:30 CT, 9:30 ET on KTXA and TNT.