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Some Light Sunday Reading

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Here are some articles from around the interwebs regarding Friday's loss and tonight's game. Keep your heads up, friends. The Mavericks are nothing if not resilient!

As Sun Comes Up, Mavs Exchange Feelings In Pre-Game 4 Meeting

From Mike Fisher at

Dallas Mavericks forward Caron Butler takes benching in stride

From Eddie Sefko in the Star-Telegram

Mavericks need more from Jasons - Kidd and Terry - in Game 4

Also from Eddie Sefko at The Dallas Morning News

Not to be nosy, but how's Manu?

From Brad Townsend at The Dallas Morning News

Carlisle's Rotation Stays Fluid

From Art Garcia at

Mavericks, Spurs heed NBA commissioner David Stern's warning

From Brad Townsend and Eddie Sefko in the Star-Telegram

Ginobili's Nosebleed Goes Deeper Than The Heart of Texas

From Brandon Land at The Bleacher Report

Game 4 in San Antonio begins tonight at 6pm (CT) on KTXA and TNT!