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Dude. Way too close.
Dude. Way too close.

Our team is out of the post-season, but that doesn't mean that nothing is happening in the world of the Dallas Mavericks. You all have been commenting away on MMB, and for that I am grateful, because the more traffic we get to this site, the better. Forgive me if my postings seem sporadic or random- I'm just trying to keep the new content coming! That being said, if you find something interesting or feel like ranting, post it! If it's front-page worthy (clearly written, lacking profanity,well thought-out), I will be happy to feature it. In the meantime, below the jump is a nice gathering of articles around the interwebs concerning our beloved boys in blue (or green).

Dirk's Negotiations With The Mavs: 'The UberMan Ultimatum'? 'The UberMan Urging'?

Keeping Dirk in Dallas, from Mike Fisher of

Dampier's Left Knee Cleaned Out

Because technically he's still a Maverick, from Jeff Caplan of

Are the Dallas Mavericks Broke?

Ah yes, the Perot claim, from Trey Kirby of Ball Don't Lie

Anywhere But in the Way

Regarding Barea's option, from Rob Mahoney of The Two Man Game

Roundtable: Most Disappointing Players

There are plenty of Mavs on this list, from

The Big Disappointment

Henry Abbot's reason for naming Dirk as one, from TrueHoop