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A Few Morsels

Not much going on in the world of the Mighty Mavericks, I know. Trust me, I wish there was more to talk about, but I'm scrounging around the interwebs trying to find interesting tidbits about our boys. Here are just a couple, mostly about LeBron and Mikhail. Oh, and a little Gortat thrown in for good measure!

Don't forget... anyone can contribute!

Fantasy GM: Another Shot at Gortat

Jeff "Skin" Wade discusses the way to get Gortat to Dallas, from ESPNDallas

Cuban Goes Public with Quest for James

Self-explanatory, from Jeff Caplan at Dallas Mavericks Blog

The Accompanying Video of Cuban's Interview


Mikhail Prokhorov is 'a party beast'

The current NBA Owner Personality, Mark Cuban weighs in on his competition, from

Can Draft Make Mavs Bigger Fish?

Jeff Caplan muses on whether the draft will do anything for the Mavs, from Dallas Mavericks Blog