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Because I'm Good at Gathering Links...

All we need is Bron Bron and we're golden.
All we need is Bron Bron and we're golden.

...and not so good at the analysis. I'll let other, more informed basketball people do the thinking, and I'll put it in one place for you to read. Once again, a big thanks to you active MMBers who are writing excellent, front-page worthy pieces! To the rest of you- step up your game!

Links after the jump.

Oh, and sidenote, I've been spending a lot of time at The Cage and watching some street ball... and while some of the guys can really shoot, most of what it comes down to is sneaky ball handling and a LOT of contact. It's still fun to watch some of those guys who have been playing there since the 80s taking on the 'new hotness'. The ridiculous abs don't hurt matters much. Carry on.

Offseason Wishlist: J-Kidd's Tutoring Lessons

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Because we've all been thinking about it...

Watch the Ripples Change Their Size, But Never Leave the Stream

A word on JET from the far-superior

WWDD (What Would Dirk Do?)

Four possible destinations if Dirk decided not to re-sign with the Mavs from

Yesterday's Donuts

Mike Fisher discusses how everyone's getting everything wrong