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It's Official... I'm In Charge!

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Señores y Señoras, Mesdames et Messiuers (we're multicultural here at Mavs Moneyball)!

I have officially been asked to stay on as manager of this fantastic site, and I could not be more thrilled. Unless the Mavs won a championship. Then I imagine I'd be pretty stoked. I was told to introduce myself to everyone and give a little idea of what's going on here in the land of the Mavericks, so I'll try not to bore you too much.

Also, as the summer goes on, I'll try to be adding to our roster of contributors. If you find yourself wanting to write on a regular basis for this site, please email me and we can discuss! We already have our first new author, whose introduction will follow mine after the jump. 

My name is Lisa Rotter, though most of you have known me on this site as LJ. I've never really had a nickname before, so feel free to keep calling me that. I'm currently living in Queens, New York, although I'm moving back to my home in Northern Virginia at the end of July. I am a graduate student, getting my Master's degree in Psychology (watch out) with a concentration in Animal Behavior and Conservation. By day, I'm a dog walker/trainer and pet sitter, and by night, I'm a basketball blogger. I will admit straight up that I'm new to the world of sports blogging, but what I lack in experience (and skill, let's be honest) I make up for in enthusiasm and willingness to learn! Big thanks to SBNation for giving me that chance...

So how on earth am I a Mavericks fan? Well, I grew up in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., so yes, I'm a Redskins fan. We won't discuss football on this site, because I want to stay friends with you guys. I went to ONE Wizards game in high school, and it happened to be a game in which Michael Jordan played, so at least I can say I saw the man on the court. I've followed collegiate basketball for much longer (big brother went to Duke, big sister went to Wake and I went to Miami), and it wasn't until my ex introduced me to the Mavericks in 2004 that I became interested in the NBA. I have a motto these days- go hard or go home. That's how I've dealt with Dallas... once I started following them, I dove headfirst into being a fan, and now I'm permanently hooked. So hooked, in fact, that I'm saving up my money this summer to hopefully make the move to Big D. In the meantime, I've been to every Knicks home game when they played the Mavericks in the 3 years I've lived in New York, and this past season I flew out to Dallas for Game 1 of the playoffs. We won that game. I'm just sayin'.

In addition to managing this site and following the Mavericks quite religiously, I also contribute on SBNation's women's basketball blog, SwishAppeal. Because of my location, I was given the opportunity to cover the New York Liberty, so for the past few months I've been attending the games as a member of the press and writing game analyses for that blog. I'm hoping to have that kind of access if and when I move to Dallas, so I can cover the Mavericks more directly. I've taken a liking to this whole sports journalism thing, so I'm thinking I might use my charm and good looks to make a side career out of it. Also, if you've never participated in a game thread here on MMB with me, you should know I'm a bit on the sarcastic side.

Speaking of game threads- Mavs Moneyball, as you may know, has struggled a bit on the content side of things, and it's my goal to round up a group of passionate, intelligent contributors to keep this site interesting. I will not pretend to be as knowledgeable as many of you on the various aspects of the NBA, because I'm still a newcomer, relatively speaking. But as I said before, I take immense pleasure in learning from all of you about the ins and outs of this fascinating sport. My skill comes as an organizer, a delegator, and a cheerleader. I hope that you all will continue to use this site as a forum for your thoughts, ideas, hopes and dreams about the Dallas Mavericks. In return, I'll continue to encourage you, and make this site as accessible and fun as possible.

And now for something completely different: introducing your newest author, Bryan!

"Bryan Gutierrez was born in a small suburb of Austin, Texas called Pflugerville.  The Metroplex became his new home at an early age.  He started playing sports early in elementary school.  The period between then and high school graduation saw Soccer, Softball, Football, Basketball, Hockey, Cross Country/Track and Field checked off the "sports played" list.  

Sampling all of those sports definitely created a passion for competition and sports, in general, for Bryan.  Basketball and specifically the NBA became his true sports love.  Bryan enters sponge-mode when breaking down games and digging through the statistics.  Living in Dallas for most of his life, the Mavericks became the team he loved most.

Bryan Gutierrez stands for truth, justice, and Dallas Mavericks Domination."