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Addition to the MMB Roster

It's July 1st, and that means Mavs Moneyball is adding to our roster! We've signed Free Agent Karim Odeh, who will be serving as one of our regular contributors. I asked him to write a little intro, much like Bryan and I already did. I'm so pleased to have all these enthusiastic, young writers. As I said before- if it's something you think YOU'D be interested in, please don't hesitate to talk to me.

Here is MMB's most recent signee, Karim Odeh!

"My name is Karim Odeh. Although my name gives off an arabic aroma, I'm actually from Peru. My mother is Peruvian, Spanish, and Italian, and my dad is Arabic. So you could say I'm from all around the world. I am 16 years old and have passionately followed sports since i was very, very young. I have been a die hard Dallas Mavericks fan since i first heard of basketball, and in other sports i support the Indianapolis Colts, The Manchester United Football club, Marin Cilic(Tennis), and the Duke Blue Devils. I've loved blogging about sports, and although my serious career options are between international business and law, i have always had a passion and wish to be a professional sports journalist, so i hope this is a good start!

My posts are sort of ranty. It's my writing style to hammer in points i feel strongly for! As much as i love discussing events, my true passion for writing lies in the theoretical area. I like to talk about what would happen. In short, if you read my posts, you can mainly expect some kind of praising of Dirk, long writing(if you skip the repeating points, i do believe its rather insightful), a mention of Matt Carroll, and probably a few sentences that are far fetched just to stir up thoughts and try to get people to comment and be active. These far fetched comments would be something wacky like some scenario to trade for some solid player, or if we were to start a wacky lineup."