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Harrington Selects Denver over Dallas

It's being reported by ESPN that Al Harrington has decided to sign with Denver for their Mid-Level Exception.  News came out today that the Mavericks were targeting Harrington to help add depth to their bench.  Apparently, it was a two team race with the Nuggets winning out.  The difference appeared to be available minutes and length of the contract.

Dallas was willing to spend their entire Mid-Level Exception on Harrington for multiple years.  It's uncertain how many years out of the maximum of five Dallas was willing to offer Harrington.  Denver offered the maximum five year deal for the Mid-Level Exception for Harrington to come on board.  Al's versatility meshed with with a front-line in Denver that has had health issue over the past few seasons.  It appears with the free agent pull thinning out, the Mavericks might wait the process out and then find the best available player to fill a specific need.  With that happening, it's possible Dallas might split their Mid-Level Exception amongst a couple of players.  Anthony Tolliver, Raja Bell, Corey Brewer, Rasual Butler and Matt Barnes could be potential targets for the Mavericks.