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Mavericks Still Trying to Find Their Way in Vegas

Game 4 of the Summer League hyped the point guard match-up of Roddy Beaubois versus John Wall.  Let's take a look how the key players did in the 88-82 loss to the Wizards.

Box Score

Roddy Beaubois

16 minutes played, 0 points (0-3 FG, 0-2 3PT, 0-0FT), 1 assist, 0 rebounds, 3 turnovers, 0 steals, 0 blocks

Roddy might have let the hype of "Beaubois versus Wall" get him out of his game.  While Roddy did do a solid job of taking on the defensive challenge, he was too aggressive and got into foul trouble.  Beaubois needs to find and maintain that level of control on both sides of the court.  There are plenty of inconsistent moments where he tries to force the issue offensively and defensively.  He's a talented player, he just needs to play with more poise.  Shooting guard (next to Jason Kidd) looks to be the best spot for him right now.  The point guard experiment might be a long process for Beaubois.  The next player mentioned definitely looks primed to be a combo guard.

Dominique Jones

34 minutes played, 28 points (9-17 FG, 0-13PT, 10-12 FT), 4 assists, 2 rebounds, 2 turnovers, 1 steal, 1 block


Dojo and Roddy seem to cancel each other out.  When one is playing the well, the other one tends to struggle.  Jones showed very nice point guard play by attacking and dishing the ball out in the right situations.  He really stepped up to the challenge with guarding John Wall.  Dominique showed very nice recovery skills by jumping out and forcing a block on a Wall jumper.  The rookie continues to show nice penetration skills and excellent body control at the basket.  His ability to slash into the lane and stop on a dime is very impressive.  He's also showing flashes where you might be able to see him attack guards by flashing in the post and making a quick decision using his strong frame.  It was a very solid all-around game for Dojo.

Ian Mahinmi

26 minutes played, 11 points (2-6 FG, 0-0 3PT, 7-8 FT), 0 assists, 7 rebounds, 2 turnovers, 0 steals, 1 block

This was our first look at the free agent signing who is now a former Spur.  If he's able to continue putting on more weight and maintain his athleticism, he could prove to be a very solid power forward.  His footwork was respectable by flashing big on pick and roll defense and recovering nicely.  He also showed some savvy play by being able to recognize where the open spots where for positioning on rebounds.  Ian didn't look as comfortable guarding on the perimeter but he used his size to help force the opponents shot to be a little more difficult.  Mahinmi looks very comfortable, offensively, in the mid-post area.  Ian makes quick decisions and looks smooth putting the ball on the floor.  His first step definitely helps against bigger defenders.  He may be a project player, but you can definitely see the upside

Jeremy Lin

27 minutes played, 13 points (6-12 FG, 1-1 3PT, 0-0 FT), 2 assists, 4 rebounds, 4 turnovers, 2 steals, 0 blocks

Lin continues to impress me during these games.  He's showing excellent poise and control when he attacks the basket.  I see similarities to a running back who is picking his spots and waiting for the offensive line to create the holes.  The versatility for Lin really helps his cause, he is able to thrive either in the uptempo style or in the halfcourt game.  He showed high basketball IQ by not over-penetrating against the big men and showed off a half-floater shot.  Jeremy continues to show the ability to find the open man.  His moves over the course of the game definitely had the crowd's attention.  He stepped up to the challenge as well against Wall. These performances should make the front office definitely consider bringing him on board.

Omar Samhan

24 minutes played, 12 points (6-9 FG, 0-0 3PT, 0-0 FT), 0 assists, 8 rebounds, 1 turnovers, 0 steals, 2 blocks

More of the focus went on Ian tonight, but Samhan continued to play to his strengths.  His stat line shows a very solid performance.  He shot the jumper with confidence and threw his body around.  I still think the speed of the game will be a problem for Omar.  Comparing Omar to Ian, I like what I see out of Mahinmi much more.