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Mavericks Lose Out on Lin

Jeremy Lin emerged as an exciting and energizing point guard during the Las Vegas Summer League.  Lin's performance caught the eye of many teams around the league and a bidding war ensued for Jeremy's services.  The decision did not drag out as he quickly made up his mind on where he was going land and make an NBA home for himself.

ESPN's Marc Stein and various media outlets are reporting the Jeremy Lin will be "taking his talents" to the Bay Area and signing with the Golden State Warriors.  Terms are not exactly finalized at the moment but it is believed to be a two year, partially guaranteed deal.  Location and playing time played a huge role in Lin's decision.  Lin is a Palo Alto, Calif. native and the Warriors were severely lacking in point guard depth.

Here is Lin's agent, Roger Montomery, commenting on the situation

"All the components fell in place, especially when you look at their roster," Montgomery said. "They've basically got three guys who are ahead of us. We can be nothing but appreciative because we wouldn't be in this position if Donnie Nelson and the Mavericks didn't give Jeremy Lin a chance.

"He may put on a Golden State jersey, but he definitely is very, very appreciative of the shot that Donnie and the Mavs gave him."