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Kidd: The Heat will hurt the NBA

Jason Kidd, after not being heard of much in the last couple of weeks has spoken out again.

Once again, the Mavericks floor general speaks of the new Heat team, this time however, it is not a side note. It is the main focus of the quote.

Via Yahoo! Sports, Trey Kerby Reports.

Here is the story.

To sum it up for those with slow internet and/or a severe case of lazymphobia, its a disease!, here is what Kidd said in a nutshell.

Oh, and he said it all in one sentence. So those who love English might need a razor whilst reading our beloved Kidd's quote. Or any of my stories. Lisa, cover your eyes!

Kidd talked about how the Heat will hurt the NBA in the sense of ticket sales and talent distribution. Also about how Toronto and Cleveland will have trouble selling tickets. He added his opinion that no more than 2 superstars should be on a team. Kidd thinks basically, that talent should be distributed so there are more intense games more often, rather than just 2 fewer teams people want to watch on TV.

I agree with Jason in some of the facts. After all they are depriving 2 cities of superstars. They are depriving the NBA of 2 more teams that can play good basketball and will supply good games. But most of all i agree with him that punkuashion, iS 4 looserz;