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Passing The Time: 101Q Series for the Summer

As we've said in many of the previous posts, it's hard to find things to get excited about over the summer. The Mavericks haven't (yet) done any blockbuster deals, and our roster is pretty steady. The next few months are going to be painfully slow, and your managers here at SBNation are sharing ideas of the best ways to keep our faithful readers coming back to the sites.

One idea I liked, and based on your general participation I think you'll like too, is the regular posting of a series of questions about the franchise and its players that you can answer if you so choose. Dave over at BlazersEdge came up with an incredible list of 101 questions that apply to just about any sports franchise. I'll be posting a few at a time to try and spread them out until we get closer to the season.

They are all pretty much opinion questions, some personal, some based on intimate knowledge of the Mavericks. Please remember this is a community. Don't knock on other peoples' answers- to each his/her own! That doesn't mean we can't get some healthy debates going... in fact, I encourage it. Just like teachers assign summer reading to keep the brain sharp, I'm giving you guys some things to think about for the upcoming season! I will not, however, be grading your responses. Just judging you hardcore :)

Depending on how much news is going on around the NBA, I may have some questions up every day, or I may skip a day if the discussions are still going strong. That just means you'll have to pop in and check to see if there's anything new to look at! Diabolical, no? I thought so.

With that, I bring you the first 3 questions. Number one is probably a no brainer, but let's see what you come up with!

  1. Who is the greatest player ever in Mavericks history and why?
  2. What is the best draft pick the Mavericks ever made?
  3. What is the worst draft pick the Mavericks ever made?

Post your responses in the comments section!! Enjoy!