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What Would You Like To See?

It's not many times as sports fans that we just sit down, think over our team, and just say what we would like to see from our organization.

So, I'm offering you, the readers, the opportunity to just say what you would like to see Dallas do before the season begins. I'll list some things I would like to see, as well as what i believe to be general wants/needs from the fanbase on this website.

Feel free to comment on mine or post your own. Let us pass away the time together with hopes and dreams.

Here are some options for what I would like to see, as well as some things I have read other fans wanted.

1. Stay put. Every season and offseason we make so many moves we never get to bond and get better together. Change a player or two here, but stop trying to get a new big hot shot allstar and make a big trade. Just relax, and let us play basketball together! I believe in this team!

2 .Bring in Chris Paul. For those who are not aware of this "loophole" we can indeed trade Chandler within the 60 day period. The rule prevents us from packaging away Chandler with another player. There's no rule if it is a straight up trade. So how can we use this? Easily. Chandler's contract matches up perfectly enough with Paul to trade Chandler for Paul. Then in a separate trade(this is the loophole part) We package away Roddy, Butler, picks, etc. etc. for Okafor etc. etc. We can just execute 2 separate trades right next to each other, and it will allow us to get around the 60 day rule still trading the same players.

3. Pick up some more Free Agents, a trade or two here. Keep the same small core but change a lot of role players and our bench. Lets revamp this Dallas team! Lose guys like JJ, Terry, Etc. They're weighing us down!

4. Trade anyone we need to and rebuild. This option is for the heck of it. I'm saying it just to say it, don't have my head! Get rid of players with age and get more youth and draft picks. Allow players such as Dominique Jones and Beaubois develop into stars. If we let Dirk among others go, here in 4-5 years we can have a bigger window than we have now with all of these powerhouses around the league. This may be painful now, but if followed through correctly and patiently we could see us being a force to be reckoned with.


Post away! Now, as always,

Go Mavericks!