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We're A Growing Family!

It is my pleasure to introduce another author who will be contributing periodically to our site. I've asked him, as I asked everyone before, to put together a little introduction so you can learn a little more about Mayur Patel.

Yes, he's young. No, it doesn't matter :)

Mavericks Fans, Meet Mayur!

Hey Mavs fans! For those of you that have seen me around on other websites, my past account was named 'hinduplaya'. I'm currently 19 and a sophmore in college hoping to eventually get into medical school and then go onto become a team doctor for a sports team! As a sports fan, I'm a typical Dallas homer, concentrating on the Mavs, Cowboys, Rangers, Stars, and even FC Dallas, but I also am an absolutely huge fan of Everton in the EPL (look for big things from us this year). Anyways, I've been a Mavs fan ever since the late 90's when I first watched the lowly Mavs make a huge comeback in the last 5 minutes to defeat Michael Jordan and the Bulls at Reunion Arena. To describe the comeback in one word wouldn't do any justice to what actually happened. Even though those days were bad for Mavs fans, of all the games I've seen, that one still sticks out the most to me. As for my writing expereince, I'm currently the Dallas Stars Writer for One of the first things I'd like to do here is to cover the history of the Mavericks, as most fans I know don't know much about them. I look forward in the long run to covering the Mavs and I hope to see alot of you here and on my Examiner site as well. Hopefully we can bring the Larry O'Brien Trophy to Big D and celebrate! Let's Go Mavs!!!