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Passing The Time: 101Q Series for the Summer #4

Grrr....  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Grrr.... (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Annnd we're back. I am no longer a resident of New York... now I'm back home (with my parents... laugh it up) in Northern Virginia. I will be unpacking and settling in for a bit, but I wanted to make sure my beloved Mavs fans weren't neglected so I'm keeping up with these shenanigans as best I can. 

Today's questions should be fun for you guys, since I know on this blog we like to gripe :) Get out your Haterade and mix it up nice and strong...

7. Other than your obvious rival (Spurs, duh), which team do you hate to lose to most?

8. What one great player in the league would you not take on your team for any reason and why? And don't say LeBron... be less obvious!