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Dirk Will be a Maverick for Life

DFW Digs Dirk and Dirk returns the favor by showing his love for the MavericksDirk Nowitzki and the Mavericks came to terms on a new four year deal worth at least 80 million dollars according to  The two big chunks of information to take from this agreement:

-Dirk took LESS money.  The max contract Dirk could have taken would have been in excess of 96 million dollars.  He is doing so with the assurance that the Mavericks will use the extra funds to help bolster the roster this off-season.

-Dirk will be a Maverick for Life.  He now has a no-trade clause in his new contract, pairing him with Kobe Bryant as the only two players in the entire league that have a no-trade clause. 

More Dirk-Love coming soon.