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Mavs Close to Signing Tim Thomas

According to ESPN Dallas, the Mavs are nearing in on bringing Thomas back on a one year deal at the veteran minimum. 

Power forward Tim Thomas will visit the Dallas Mavericks on Wednesday and the sides are expected to reach an agreement on a one-year deal for the veteran's minimum his agent, Bob Myers, said Monday. 

Thomas, 33, played just 18 games with the Mavs last season before leaving the team to be with his ailing wife. He never disclosed his wife's illness, but she is apparently doing well enough for Thomas to return to the league. Both sides handled last season's situation in good faith and want to continue the relationship.'s Marc Stein first reported in late July that Thomas and the Mavs were working on a deal. 

"If all goes well, we'll reach an agreement," Myers said Monday. 

Although Thomas did only play in 18 games last season, he did have some moments, the biggest of which coming in a 102-95 win over Cleveland, in which he led the way with 22 points and 7 rebounds as the Mavs won without an injured Dirk. For the most part, though, he remained either on the bench or in a limited role in his time with the Mavs before leaving to be with his family. However, with Dirk starting to get older and the Mavs looking to get his minutes lowered a bit, Thomas would seem to be an ideal back-up who could give the Mavs some time at the 4.

As for the roster, once Thomas is signed, the Mavs will be at 14. With Alexis Ajinca still looking for a trade, the number figures to change, but at the moment, the Mavs have only one spot left on their roster.