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Breaking Down the Mavericks 2010-2011 Schedule

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The NBA released it's full batch of schedules today.  To view the Mavericks one, please go here.

Let's take a look at some of the marquee games and tidbits to remember going forward.

The Mavericks will be "blessed" to host the Miami Heat on November 27th.  They hosting the defending Eastern Conference Champion, Boston Celtics, very early in the season on November 8th.

The defending champion, LA Lakers, will come to town TWICE, January 19 and again on March 12.

In-state rivals, the Houston Rockets, come to town on November 29th and January 27th.  Revenge will be on the mind for the Mavericks on November 26th when they head down I-35 South to San Antonio.  The last game of 2010 will have the Mavericks hosting those Spurs on December 30th.

If you miss Erick Dampier, Eduard Najera and Matt Carroll, then you'll get to see them for the first Mavs home game on October 27th.

The Mavericks longest home-stand will be 6 games in December and the longest road trip will be discussed further down.

Nationally Televised games: The Mavericks will have a total of 25 nationally televised games.  10 games will be on ESPN, 7 games will be on TNT and 8 times on NBA TV.  One of the TNT games will be the hyped preseason outdoor contest against the Phoenix Suns in Indian Wells, CA on Oct. 9.

Early Stretch: 17 of the first 26 games for the Mavericks will be on their home court.  The Mavs can really get off to a good start to the year by protecting their home court. 

The Final Stretch: 7 out of their last 11 games will be on the road.  4 of those games are against teams that made the playoffs last season: Utah, Phoenix, Lakers and Portland.  The final part of the season also features the dreaded SIX game road trip.

Back-to-Backs: The schedule also features 20 back-to-backs for the Mavericks.  The Mavs have two stretches of four games in five nights (Nov 23-27, and March 30-Apr 3).

Pre All-Star Break: 4 of their last 5 games going into the break will be on the road.  Those will be critical games since teams tend to start to shut down before the break.  They'll have a back-to-back at Sacramento and at Denver, at Houston, then a back-to-back hosting Sacramento and then wrapping up at Phoenix.

Post All-Star Break: 3 of the first 5 games coming back from the break will be on the road.  Home vs Utah, a road B2B with Utah and Toronto, at Philadelphia and hosting Indiana. 

Murderer's Row: There are two stretches that could be very troubling for the Mavericks.  To finish up November they'll play at Oklahoma City (24th), at San Antonio (26th), hosting Miami (27th) and Houston (29th).  The San Antonio-Miami combo will be a B2B. The other stretch is in December where they'll host Portland (15th) and Phoenix (17th), have a B2B in Florida: Miami (20th) and Orlando (21st), and finish at Oklahoma City (27th). 

Focus on the West: The last Eastern Conference game will be on March 10th versus the Knicks.  Their last 17 games will be against all Western Conference opponents.

The schedule looks tough for the Mavericks, but anything can happen over the course of the season.  The Mavericks always make things interesting, I expect that this year will not be any different.