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Passing The Time: 101Q Series for the Summer #7

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WOW it is hard to stay motivated these days...

Since there is not a lot (read: nothing) going on in the world of the Dallas Mavericks since the season schedule was posted, I'll give you a few questions to ponder.

Four questions, all on the same topic: your fanhood! This site, being a sports blog, provides opportunities to talk about the Mavericks, but not many to talk about yourselves. Today, all that changes. We're going to get to know one another, and I'm really excited about that :)

We don't need any soliloquies, but don't be afraid to share your feelings! (tee hee)

16. How did you first become a fan of the Dallas Mavericks?

17. What moment in Mav's history has confirmed your fandom most?

18. What moment in Dallas' history has come closest to making you quit as a fan? (we've all had that moment... none of this "I'd never think such a thing" bull)

19. How has your fandom changed over the last few years?