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Chandler For The Win!

While a lot of us are disputing whether or not Tyson Chandler is a good fit for Dallas, or if it was a good move going for him, none of can deny how awesome it is when a Maverick gets us on the news!

It was a USA Basketball Scrimmage on Thursday, played in front of a decent crowd in attendance at the World Basketball Festival.

The Situation is like this:

It is sudden death overtime. For any who do not watch High School basketball or understand what it means, it's simple. The first team to score wins! The score is tied 47-47 after a 24 minute regulation period.

The tip is won by Tyson, and Rondo comes up the floor. A missed jumpshot leaved the ball hanging in the air, and Chandler smacks it back to the 3 point line where it is controlled by the Blue team,at the left wing. A defensive mishap leaves Chandler open down low, the ball is tossed, and boom! Alley-oop throwdown for the win! Blue team wins 49-47. I guess you guys were right in saying all of his success comes from the Alley-oop. He needs to thank Jackie Moon for inventing the very thing that has led to his NBA career!

Trey Kerby reports, and the video can be seen by clicking here.

It's not that amazing of a play, but hey, it is a Mav in the news, and a good win from a hustle play by Chandler. In these boring months between the playoffs and the regular season this is the kind of news that gets me fired up for the season. I for one am kind of against the Chandler trade, but if he can bring the energy he brought to that play to Dallas, welcome home Ty!