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"Tough Juice" is Sipping the Heat Kool-Aid

It was just a few weeks ago that ESPN/ABC analyst, Jeff Van Gundy made the bold statement that the Miami Heat would basically re-write the NBA history books.  He proclaimed that the Heat would match or break the 33-game winning streak the Los Angeles Lakers had in 1971-1972 season AND the single-season win record (72) the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls set.  His opinion has met a lot of naysayers, but there is a Maverick that believes he's not off the reservation with his bold comment.

Caron Butler's comments on the Heat:

"When I think of the Miami Heat now," Butler said, "I think ... history. They could do it."

"That’s as much talent assembled on one team as I’ve ever seen," said Butler, who is entering his ninth season in the league.

I can see how his comments definitely leave a bitter taste in your mouth if you're a Mavericks fan.  Is Butler trying to keep his name in the back of Miami's mind going into next summer where he is a free agent?  I find that very hard to believe. 

Butler didn't proclaim the title is going to land in South Beach, he just said history is a possibility for the Heat.  When you look at it with some perspective, it is relatively possible.  Think about it, Miami was ALREADY a playoff team when it was just Wade. LeBron with "junk" won 60 games back to back years.  You add a talented player like Bosh and a nice set of complimentary players and things can happen.  Teams look good on paper, but that's why they play the games. 

Caron didn't throw in the towel and say the Mavericks are dead in the water.

"Controlling the glass, focusing on defense," need to be the focus, Butler said. "Because we can score with the best of them. We have a great player, we have a Hall of Fame point guard and whole bunch of other guys that want to get it done and are willing to sacrifice whatever to win. We've just got to put it all together and we will."

Having centers like Brendan Haywood and bringing in Tyson Chandler helps with that, he added.

"Tyson is a guy who brings a lot of energy and athleticism to our front line. I'm looking forward to playing along side of him and pushing toward the ultimate goal of winning a championship," Butler said.

"I definitely have been on some real good teams that had the talent to make it to that next level, but somehow some way fell short," Butler said. "I don't want that to be the situation here in Dallas. I look forward to taking it to the next level."

Butler is probably showing some admiration or even jealously for what the Heat were able to pull off and where they stand right now compared to where they were over the past few years. 

For whatever reason, if the Heat were to win 73 games, that doesn't mean the title is a lock for arrival in Miami.  Mavs fans should have an interesting perspective, remembering 67 wins and know things can instantly change in the blink of an eye.