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Trading pieces: Value vs. Production.

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Many people on this website have been talking about several trades to make Dallas stronger.

From the Chandler trade, to the possibility of acquiring Paul, to Fernandez, it's all about the battle of who we can get for who we give up. These are the basic ethics of any kind of trade, be it basketball or at a marketplace in India. What I was wondering, is to us Mavericks fans, what players have more value than they can produce for. This is possibly one of the most important factors in pulling off a one sided trade. Giving up the image of a great player, for the production of a great player. It'll all make sense after the jump.

Basically, the purpose of this story was to assess the real value of a player as to what is commonly believed. Lets break down some of the players on this team that we can use as trading pieces, and rate their Value vs. Production.

Generally, higher production than value means we probably don't trade a player, because he produces for us more than teams value him. If his value is higher, he is easy to package away.

-Rodrique Beaubois- Ahh, Roddy B. This player is the most fun of all players to discuss. Now, we have all accepted the fact that to bring in a good player, we must package away Beaubois. A lot of people on here are very skeptical about trading him away. Beaubois is our biggest asset, for more than one reason. The reason being, his production and his value are on two different levels. Rodrique has not realistically given anyone in the league reason to talk about him how they do. Don't get me wrong, he had the great game against Golden State, tore up San Antonio in the playoffs, and was a hit in Vegas. But what has he really done? Little. Beaubois has done all he has under the role of bring energy off the bench. He's the guy opposing benches do not scout. I believe Beaubois will not do as well as expected, because he might now be the 2nd-4th option of scoring on our team. Don't get me wrong. I have high hopes for Roddy. He will play great basketball for Dallas. He is going to do great things here in Texas, but possibly not as great as he is talked up to be. This is a huge advantage for Dallas. This means that his value is very high, but he has done nothing other than bring us hope. His trade value is very high because of his absolutely phenomenal potential. For right now, that's all it is. Potential. So the argument brews, is his value greater than the production he will bring? Nobody will want to trade him away, and in 2 years see him averaging 20 points a game and being an all-star.  I'm not going to say if I whether or not I want him to be traded, but I confidently say his trading value is higher than it should be, so we may want to use it to our advantage. However, it's always tough to let a guy like this go. He can do great things for us.

-Jason Terry- What is Terry's production level? Well, it's plummeting by the minute. Terry is grossly declining, as is his trade value. This will make him tough to package. He's aging, declining, and has a fat contract. So Terry has low production level and low value, but a high contract. This is why Terry, I believe, will not be packaged away simply because nobody would take him. This is one "argument" I will comment on, and that is, if we can trade him, trade him. It will be tough. The best and most interesting players to talk about trading away are the low contract guys, who have both a great value, and the potential for even greater production. See: Roddy B.

-J.J. Barea- Ahh, JJ. I remember when we used to absolutely love JJ. Before I even wrote fanposts for the site, I used to read all about how people got excited when JJ saw the court. I recently read some old posts from the 07' season, and you guys were speaking of him as we recently have of Roddy B. We talked about why the coaches didn't play him, and how we need to let him see the court so he can produce. He did produce, but maybe not as much as everyone hoped and wished. His production matches up with his minutes, but i believe his value exceeds his potential. Meaning, we can trade him away and profit. In any other team, he is a young, cheap talent, who can come in and out of nowhere score 10 points in a quarter for you. Believe me, if he didn't have Roddy and Dojo behind him with all their youth, we would still probably be excited about Barea. This is why it is very possible that on any other team he has higher value than he has here. Barea could be the guy that when we're very close to a deal, Cubes says, "We'll throw in Barea," and BAM! The trade goes through. Barea is a great trading piece. Why? Because on a team without Roddy behind, and with lower expectations for him, he can bring so much to a team. He brings a lot here to Dallas, but maybe not the right kind of production we need.

-Dominique Jones- A similar case to Roddy, but, a poor man's Roddy so to speak. While his value and production are both lower, is it almost proportionally accurate to that of Roddy's. While Dojo doesn't have promise of Roddy, he still has good value trade-wise. Similar to JJ, I think he can be a deal-sealer. Again the argument brews: Is he worth giving away?

-Caron Butler- Butler has been talked about in trades. Butler is one guy that some people seem to not like a lot, or just not appreciate him enough, but he's someone I love. He's scrappy and plays defense, and adds some well-needed toughness to our team. A slight aroma of intimidation. More tattoos!! His production was solid. He scored about 15 points a game for us here in Big D, doing that in 34 minutes and shooting about 44% from the field. Solid would be a good description of his stint here in Dallas. He also is one of few players who did not butcher us in the playoffs. His shooting only went down by .7% and his minutes went down slightly, yes. Now he didn't play a fantastic playoffs, but he averaged near 20 points a game. He pulled his own weight, even though he allowed Ginobili to light us up. The point is, due to recent performance, his value has gone up. His production for Dallas is a little of what we need, because he plays 2 for us. But he is not a true 2. This is where the issue comes in. If another team needs a true 3 that can play the 2, (its vis-a-versa here in Dallas) and wants Butler, his value goes up even higher and we could see him being packaged away. It all depends on what team wants him. Butler is a solid trading piece in the sense that he's somewhat consistent. He can bring defense, and anywhere from 13-20 points a night for a team. He also(or at least here in Dallas) has matured in the sense that he does not often turn it over. He turned the basketball over under 2 times a game for us in 34 minutes, with a brand new offense and new team. Impressive. These are reasons I have confidence in Butler. But back to the topic, his Value Vs. Production is hinting more towards the production, or no trade side. Since his production here in Dallas is higher than the trade value he possesses, it will be harder than we think  to trade him and believe we got our money's worth(or in this case talent's worth).

Production vs. Value should not be overlooked. It may seem an obvious aspect to look at when trading, but it seems people don't assess it enough.

You don't have to do this, but if you will, please comment at least once in this format. (Only if you want to):
List the player's names, and a brief description if you think you prefer his production(AKA keep him on the team) or if you more appreciate his value(AKA Trade him).


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