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Passing The Time: 101Q Series for the Summer #9

I would first like to apologize for my prolonged absence from the site... the WNBA season is ending and my Washington Mystics currently hold the top spot in the East, so I've been quite busy. Playoffs start next week, so I will ask for your forgiveness in advance if I come infrequently. Lots of stories to write. You can read them here :)

Anyhoo, now that that's out of the way, here are two more questions for you. These will, I think, be fun for you guys because we love to talk about how much we hate our rival teams. And we also all seem to have other teams we root for occasionally. So without further ado...

21. What's the best reason to hate your natural rival (we have a few, so pick your favorites)?

22. If you could not root for the Mavericks what other team in your league would you be most likely to pick up?