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Mavs' Final Report Card

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Well, after our first community report card, we have come up with these grades for the following people (10 is the highest and 1 is the lowest):

Dirk Nowitzki– 9/10 (too close to call either way)

Jason Kidd– 8

Shawn Marion – 6

Jason Terry – 5/6

Caron Butler – 7

Brendan Haywood – 7

Rick Carlisle – 5/6/7

If you have yet to voice your opinion on any of the players/coaches, go ahead and follow the links (click on the person's name to get to the polls) and vote! We'll try and do this again at mid-season with hopefully a larger amount of players to grade, but it is pretty interesting to look at these grades.

Any thoughts? Anyone too low or too high?