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Passing The Time: 101Q Series for the Summer #6

For those of you who care, I have some sort of summer cold and feel quite crappy. For those who don't, go out and find a heart, you soul-less beasts!! Despite being under the weather, I'm making an effort to keep you guys entertained in our slow off-season. One more plug for our contributors here at MMB... they are doing a GREAT job finding relevant things to discuss, so I hope you're reading all the fun posts they're... posting.

On to the excitement for today, Hump Day!

1. Who would you rather hump... just kidding. Here are the real questions (all very different) for today's discussion.

13. What other sports would the best players on the Mavericks be well-suited for and why?  If they couldn't play your sport what sport should they play? (and DON'T say handball for Dirk... waaaay to obvious.)

14. What player, past or present, did you have the highest hopes for but didn't live up to your expectations?

15. If you knew Dallas would never win a title would you still root for them? (we've long talked about this one...)