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Some Dallas Tidbits From Around The Web

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I know you guys are in summer mode, so I've taken the liberty of gathering some links to interesting (by my standards, anyway) articles concerning the Dallas Mavericks (past and present). Way too many parenthetical statements in there... sorry.

Anyhoo, read away.

Dallas Mavericks left off NBA's marquee TV schedule
Is the entire NBA universe overlooking the Dallas Mavericks? It certainly appears that way.

Suiting Dirk Nowitzki: Can the Star Forward Get a Ring in 2011?
The year is 2006, Dirk Nowitzki's fourth seeded Mavericks are ahead two games to none against the second seeded Miami Heat. All they have to do is win two of the next five games and they will be crowned NBA Champions...

The positional revolution, starting with the Dallas Mavericks
Positional certainty has never been a luxury the Dallas Mavericks could afford during the Dirk Nowitzki era. Yet year after year, the team’s flaws are diagnosed according to the standards of a conventional lineup.

MAVERICKS: Inside Report: Dirk's pre-season MVP chatter
One national NBA writer says that Dirk Nowitzki is on the short list of MVP candidates. Earl K. Sneed agrees, but notes that personal achievements no longer drive Nowitzki. It's all about a championship for No. 41.

And because we still care about him... (or I do, because we're neighbors now)

Josh Howard deal a steal for Washington Wizards?
If not for his serious left knee injury last February, Josh Howard probably would've been one of the most sought after small forwards this summer. Arguably, it would've been LeBron James...