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Roddy Update: Surgery on Friday

ESPN Dallas' Jeff Caplan is reporting that Roddy Beaubois will have surgery on Friday to place a pin his broken left foot.

Roddy is expected to miss 2-3 months, which lines up with late October into November.  For Beaubois, training camp is definitely off the table and now the question how many, if any, games will Roddy miss to start the season?

In an interesting spin

Perhaps most disappointing for Mavs coach Rick Carlisle is that Beaubois' injury will likely stall any plan of starting him at shooting guard. Such a scenario would have slid Caron Butler to his more-favored small forward position and moved Shawn Marion (happily or not) to the bench, where he could provide a highly energetic and productive 25 minutes a game.


More news as it comes forward...