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Welcome to the MMB Team!

Happy Thursday!

Happy for a few reasons... one, because my Miami Hurricanes kick off their season tonight and two, we have a new author to welcome to our team! 'Tom Kanti' has an affinity for trades and rosters, so hopefully we'll be able to have some more analyses of that nature. You guys have read and participated in his posts already, so now I'll let him provide his own introduction!

"I'm Frank B. Aka Tom Kanti. I am from Los Angeles. I became a Mavs fan when Dirk, Nash and co. lost to the Kings in the playoffs.  Was hooked to the Mavs ever since. Got my Dirk jersey, wearing it proud through the jeers of Laker "fans". It will be a sweet memory once the Mavs win a championship, and I am hopeful to be able to fly to Dallas to see a parade with other bloggers. Thanks for the welcome and be a MFFL!"