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Passing The Time: 101Q Series for the... Fall #12

Hello and a pleasant good evening to you all. It's almost October, which means the season begins in less than a month! I don't know about y'all, but I'm getting that special tingly feeling all over just THINKING about it! Even so, 20-something days is a long time to wait. And so, I will continue to post some thought-provoking questions to keep your brains in basketball shape. Today brings us a variety of queries... answer away!

(if the numbers don't line up, it's because I skipped questions I didn't like. Deal with it.)

31. If you had to choose between a great athlete with subpar feel for the game or a guy with a mind for the sport who's a subpar athlete, which would you take?

32. One move, right here and right now, to make Dallas better.  It has to be realistic.  (No trading your third-stringers for an All-League player.)  What is that move?

33. What is the one barometer of success for the Mavericks in the coming season?  ("I will judge next season successful if ________ happens."

34. Offense vs. Defense:  Which is more important?

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On a totally unrelated note, I've been helping Bullets Forever and SBNation DC cover the Wizards (hey, I'm here and I have a fancy camera...check out all my photo credits!) so I got the chance to attend their Midnight Madness (Training camp tip-off) and today's early practice. A cool experience for sure, and I got to see our beloved Josh Howard. He still isn't participating in the action, but I said hi to him Monday night and decided he's the smiliest guy ever.


Towel boy?



Am I getting fat?