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We're Finalizing Our Roster

As the season draws painfully near, we're rounding out our roster here a MavsMoneyball. Please welcome our newest (and possibly last) addition to the writing team, Tim Cato. Below is his introduction!

Hey Mavs Moneyball, I'm Tim, but you all know me as tcat75. For those who frequent the site, you probably know I've been writing fanposts for a few months now, with a goal to write for the front page. I am a junior in high school; I play basketball for my school and quite honestly think its the perfect sport. Obviously, being this young means I've only been a Mavericks fan for a few years now, and I'll admit: I know nothing of the insane roller coaster ride you guys have been on emotionally. However, I am extremely passionate about this team, and I hope that my rookie status as a fan will not effect my writing or how you guys perceive my writing. Thanks for this opportunity, and I can't wait for the season to start!