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Mavericks Outsider Report for January 10, 2011

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This episode is chock full of content.. it's like a Snickers in Podcast form. Mike Bacsik jumps on to fill in as co-host with Rhylan out, we have an interview with JJ Barea, and Mark Followill dials in for a segment to share his usual wisdom and a dose of soccer science. You can download the episode here, Download and Enjoy.

Intro - Game Recaps

19:12 - JJ Barea Interview

31:47 - Dirk Update / Injury Impact

42:55 - Sasha Pavlovic Signing

55:30 - Game Previews

1:12:48 - The Golden Tones of Mark Followill

1:37:30 - Mystery Segment (How Badly do the Mavs Need a Trade?)

Starting next week, the Mavericks Outsider Report will have a new home.  The Ted Jones Broadcasting Center will host the report.  We have a lot of great things in store for the remainder of the season for the show and there will be plenty of opportunities for you to take part in the interactive show.  As always, you can send us your opinions and etc. to