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Mavericks Outsider Report for January 24, 2011

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It is a new week so that means that it is time for a new episode of the Mavericks Outsider Report!  There is a lot to get into with the ups and downs of the last week, checking in halfway through the season and roster changes.  Download the episode here.  Enjoy!

Intro - Recapping the Past Week

19:49 - Mid-Season Q&A

36:28 - NBA Nuggets

56:55 - Buy or Sell (Melo, Sasha, Peja)

1:23:34 - Previewing This Week's Games

1:37:09 - Mystery Segment (A Franchise Tag in the NBA?)

Our next episode will air on Sunday, January 30 (time TBA).  Otherwise, the show will usually be airing live on Monday evenings from 6-8 pm CST.    You'll be able to listen live via Ustream.  For future reference, the address to listen live is and you'll be able to download the podcast, as always, if you're unable to listen live at the link listened above or on iTunes.  Also, you can always email us your thoughts and questions at