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Updates for the Mavericks Outsider Report

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Hey there Mavs fans, major updates for tomorrow's show.  Due to Rhylan's man crush on Carlisle, he's been given a temporary 200 mile restraining order so he's out of the mix for the week.  Special Guest Mike Bacsik will be filling in for Rhylan.  He's chomping at the bit to give his opinions on the Mavericks and he's ready to jump into the think-tank

Monday will be the last show at FBRN as we "take our talents" to the Ted Jones Broadcasting Center.  No worries, the show will have the same look and feel...with better results.  We will be in a later time-slot on Monday, based on potential home games, the flex day will be Sunday.  So with the later times, that should give you guys a chance to be more interactive with the show...calling in and e-mailing.  More news to come on that, we've got a TON of big ideas coming up in the near future.

We usually have a mystery segment....on tomorrow's show, we will have a mystery guest.  Right now, aAll I can tell you right now is that it is someone in the Mavericks organization...who is it, you'll just have to tune in to find out.  We are actually super-packed tomorrow as friend of the show, Mark Followill will jump on during part of the broadcast to give his take on what is going on with the Mavericks.  So it's guest hosts, mystery guests and friend of the show guests...all in two hours. 

There are a few days between Mavs games, this is a good chance to get in to the Report if you haven't followed it yet.  Tune in this week on Monday from 3-5 pm here in the Green Bowl and listen to previous episodes here.