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Mavs MoneyLinks: Lockout Edition

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Today's meeting will determine whether or not the regular season will begin on time. Here are a few stories related to the lockout. Keep your fingers crossed that there is progress made...

Key N.B.A. Negotiators Make Final Effort to Save Games -
With the first two weeks of the regular season expected to be canceled Monday, the N.B.A. and the players union made another attempt to resolve the lockout.

See Reason And End The NBA Lockout -
The NBA lockout comes down to one more meeting on Monday. Will everyone in the room see reason over the gurgling swamp of stubbornness and get a deal done? Let us pray.

NBA Lockout Could Create D-League Headaches - Ridiculous Upside
If the NBA lockout isn't solved by the start of the NBA season, any players that appeared in the NBA last season won't be eligible to play in the D-League this season.

NBA Owners Can Learn From Al Davis to End Lockout -
If the world were an ideal place, every NBA owner would read the remembrances of late Raiders owner Al Davis, and they'd read closely. It could mean the end of the NBA lockout

NBA lockout will have huge impact on cities –
The continuing NBA lockout will have a devastating impact on workers with jobs dependent on pro basketball's six-month-plus season.

Waiting On The Magic Words " | Hang Time Blog
Faced with the latest drop-dead date to save the on-time start to the regular season, we’ve arrived here to this afternoon’s scheduled meeting between to the league and players’ union in New York.