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Will the Lockout Help the Mavs Keep Tyson Chandler?

After Nellie Cruz rescued the Rangers from a tied series with the Tigers, it was very nice to see Dirk tweet this:

swish41 Dirk Nowitzki


12 Oct

What does a German basketball-handball-tennis player and avowed soccer fan, care about baseball, America’s slowest sport? Who knows. The point is, we’ve embraced the big guy, and he’s embraced up. Even to the point of staying up to watch the second of two extra-inning games, to see our guy hit the big one.

It was much nicer to see Tyson Chandler tweet this:

tysonchandler Tyson Chandler


12 Oct


The Mavs probability of retaining the services of Tyson Chandler have always been in deep flux. If the NBA ends up with something resembling a hard cap and makes the luxury tax more punitive, nope, not going to happen. T-Chan was an expensive enough free-agent before he centered a championship winning defense, played a whole year healthy, and clearly made the difference on a team otherwise about a decade old.

But if there’s a silver lining to be found in this lockout tornado, it’s this. When the curtain finally goes up—if it goes up—things are going to have to happen pretty fast.

Think of last summer. Granted it was a special case, but teams had been arranging for the big free agents for literally a year and a half, and the Decision came in mid-July after what was already a long summer. There was a free agent summit. Jay-Z got involved. All that business.

The day these negotiations are concluded, the buses will start rolling for training camp. No one is going to have time to have any summit, even for the best FA on the market.

Remember, no team has even been ALLOWED to talk to agents or players. In fact, only one team has heard Tyson Chandler’s demands.

Your Dallas Mavericks.

I'm not saying other owners aren't thinking about how they might lure the services of our best big man away, but there's only one team with some idea of what it'll take, and for whom, presumably, communication will be easy.

If the math is possible, after whatever they conclude, that’s gotta up the odds of the Boys in Blue, eh?