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CBA Rules that the General Public May Want

With the newly issued decree of David Stern, NBA basketball will have the first two weeks of the regular season if there is no agreement reached by both the owners and players. However, a critical part of the NBA doesn't have a voice: the fans, aficionados, etc. The fans are who, for the most part, provide the plurality of the money going into contracts, arenas via taxpaying measurements and so on. I am not suggesting forming a fan union or boycott, but maybe petitioning for a survey to see what fans desire from the NBA be fair. For the time being, posting here on Mavs Moneyball will be the best alternative. Here are some of my suggestions for what the CBA should contain:

Rookies have up to four years of eligibility to be sent to the D-League, three if they will reach the age of 24 before the third season is finished. The reason why the season limit should go up is that, even with a rookie's first two seasons able to be spent in the D-League, they may not be polished enough for a good chunk of minutes. Thus, the NBA may extend the time spent on players to be sent down. This could also help lower level international prospects, who can be trained close to an NBA team official and be called up with a quick notice. The D-League team will benefit by having an above average player often not in the D-League, and more people may show up to games to meet the NBA player(s). This proposal can be a win-win for everyone.

Injured players of any age will get up to two weeks eligible to rehabilitate themselves in the D-League, provided the injury was inspected by a third party doctor, with the maximum amount of injuries allowed to be sent down for being three. Many players are unable to play out their recovery, often due to teams needing to secure every win they can. However, with the D-League able to take them in, they can test themselves to see if the injury is gone or if they need to rest more. The MLB uses the farm system in this way as well. They can also provide a true star if the injured player is a big name. However, doctors need to inspect if the injuries are truly there, in case an NBA team is trying to disavow themselves from a headache the player may be causing. All in all, this benefits both sides.

Provide an amnesty clause for all of a player's luxury tax taken away, and half of the salary from the cap. Teams should have one 'get out of jail free' card in a while. Mistakes in contracts are always done, and a fresh start is a great way to start off a new CBA. However, owners need to note that they did make a mistake by taking on or offering such a salary, so half will have to remain on the cap to remind them of what kind of deals they should offer players.

Cut the player's salary to only half guaranteed, up to 3/4's for the older CBA contracts. In most work situations, having an incompetent performance will get you a final paycheck and the boot to the exit. In the NBA, no such provision is offered. The NBA should adapt the NFL rules, in which only a percentage of the contract is fully guaranteed. To make sure players do get a fair share of cash, incentives could be tied into the rest of the contract, such as making the playoffs with a 8 PPG average for a above average bench player. Also, the contracts will have the salaries fully guaranteed if a third party doctor determines a player was injured. This will prevent teams dumping players for injuries.

These are only a few suggestions for the new CBA, and all fans are welcome to post their own ideas. Lets see the fans take their turn in the microphone.